Takeaway Menu

All of our dishes are prepared to order by our Indian chefs, using only fresh ingredients and without the use of artificial colourants or flavour enhancers.

TAKEAWAY SPECIAL – Meal for 2 for €24.95
2 Poppodoms
2 Onion Bhajis
2 Main Courses of Your Choice
2 Rice


Chicken Tikka (M,CY,MD)€4.95
Vegetable Pakoras (MD)€4.95
Onion Bhajis€4.95
Aloo Bonda (M,MD)€4.95
Chicken Tikka Pakoras (M,CY,MD)€4.95
Vegetable Samosas (M,MD,CY,G)€4.95
Beef Kebab (CY)€4.95


South Indian Chilli and Garlic Chicken (M)€11.50
King Prawn Mango Curry (N,M,MD,CN)€12.95
Chicken Tikka Masala (M,CY,MD)€11.95
Goan Fish Curry (F,CN,M,MD)€12.95

Main Courses

Traditional South Indian Beef Curry (N,M,MD)€12.50
Lamb Madras (MD, M)€12.50
Beef Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€12.50
King Prawn Biryani (N,M,CN)€12.95
Traditional South Indian King Prawn Curry (N,M,MD,CN)€12.95
Beef Madras (MD, M)€12.50
King Prawn Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Biryani (N,M)€9.50
Traditional South Indian Vegetable Curry (N,M,MD)€9.50
King Prawn Madras (MD, M, CN)€12.95
Vegetable Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€9.50
Chicken Korma (N,M)€11.50
Vegetable Madras (MD, M)€9.50
Balti Chicken Pasanda (N,M)€11.50
Lamb Korma (N,M)€12.50
Chicken Vindaloo (M)€11.50
Balti Lamb Pasanda (N,M)€12.50
Beef Korma (N,M)€12.50
Lamb Vindaloo (M)€12.50
Balti Beef Pasanda (N,M)€12.50
King Prawn Korma (N,M,CN)€12.95
Beef Vindaloo (M)€12.50
Balti King Prawn Pasanda (N,M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Korma (N,M)€9.50
King Prawn Vindaloo (M,CN)€12.95
Balti Vegetable Pasanda (N,M)€9.50
Chicken Rogan Josh (M)€11.50
Vegetable Vindaloo (M)€9.50
Chicken Dopiaza (M)€11.50
Lamb Rogan Josh (M)€12.50
Chicken Saagwala (M)€11.50
Lamb Dopiaza (M)€12.50
Beef Rogan Josh (M)€12.50
Lamb Saagwala (M)€12.50
Beef Dopiaza (M)€12.50
King Prawn Rogan Josh (M,CN)€12.95
Beef Saagwala (M)€12.50
King Prawn Dopiaza (M,CN)€12.50
Vegetable Rogan Josh (M)€9.50
King Prawn Saagwala (M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Dopiaza (M)€9.50
Lamb Bhuna (M)€12.50
Vegetable Saagwala€9.50
Chicken Biryani (N,M)€11.50
Traditional South Indian Chicken Curry (N,M,MD)€11.50
Kind Prawn Bhuna (M,CN)€12.95
Chicken Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€12.50
Lamb Biryani (N,M)€12.50
Traditional South Indian Lamb Curry (N,M,MD)€12.50
Chicken Madras (MD, M)€11.50

Breads, Rice & Sundries

Basmati Rice€2.50
Brown Rice€2.75
Poppodom (M)€1.00
Naan Bread (G,M,E)€2.50
Garlic Naan Bread (G,M,E)€3.25
Kashmiri Naan Bread (G,M,E,N)€3.25
Chappati Bread (G,M)€3.25
Aloo Gobhi (Indian spiced potato & cauliflower)€4.95
Aloo Saag (Indian spiced potato & spinach)€4.95
Dhal (Indian spiced lentils)€4.95
French Fries€2.75
Tossed Mixed Salad (M)€3.75
Coke | Orange | 7-Up | Diet Coke | Diet 7-Up€1.50