Welcome to
Spice Indian Restaurant Wexford

Spice Indian Restaurant was opened in 2006 by Richard and Emma Lett. Located on Monck Street, Wexford (Over the Crown Bar), Spice is beautifully decorated in a style that lends itself to being both contemporary and warm, with rich vivid colours of ruby, green, gold, crimson and purple, all inspired by the Indian colonial era Our menu’s are designed with an emphasis on refined yet creative Indian cuisine incorporating both traditional classic Indian favorites and original ‘signature’ dishes that blend Eastern flavours with a Western ‘twist’.

Our dishes are prepared with both conviction and a strong held belief that Indian cuisine is not about ‘heat’ but more about a marriage of fine aromatic fresh herbs and spices. Our chef’s are from Kerala, South India and were formerly employed at the 5 star ‘Taj’ group.

‘Spice’ seats 86 people and is open nightly from 5.30pm (5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday) for both in-house dining and take-away service..

Takeaway Special


Meal for 2 for €24.95*
2 Poppodoms
2 Onion Bhajis
2 Main Courses of Your Choice
2 Rice

from 5.30pm everyday

053 9122011

Takeaway Starters

Chicken Tikka (M,CY,MD)€4.95
Vegetable Pakoras (MD)€4.95
Onion Bhajis€4.95
Aloo Bonda (M,MD)€4.95
Chicken Tikka Pakoras (M,CY,MD)€4.95
Vegetable Samosas (M,MD,CY,G)€4.95
Beef Kebab (CY)€4.95

Takeaway Specialities

Chicken Tikka Masala (M,CY,MD)€11.95
Goan Fish Curry (F,CN,M,MD)€12.95
South Indian Chilli and Garlic Chicken (M)€11.50
King Prawn Mango Curry (N,M,MD,CN)€12.95

Takeaway Main Courses

Traditional South Indian Chicken Curry (N,M,MD)€11.50
Traditional South Indian Lamb Curry (N,M,MD)€12.50
Traditional South Indian Beef Curry (N,M,MD)€12.50
Traditional South Indian King Prawn Curry (N,M,MD,CN)€12.95
Traditional South Indian Vegetable Curry (N,M,MD)€9.50
Chicken Korma (N,M)€11.50
Lamb Korma (N,M)€12.50
Beef Korma (N,M)€12.50
King Prawn Korma (N,M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Korma (N,M)€9.50
Chicken Rogan Josh (M)€11.50
Lamb Rogan Josh (M)€12.50
Beef Rogan Josh (M)€12.50
King Prawn Rogan Josh (M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Rogan Josh (M)€9.50
Lamb Bhuna (M)€12.50
Kind Prawn Bhuna (M,CN)€12.95
Chicken Madras (MD, M)€11.50
Lamb Madras (MD, M)€12.50
Beef Madras (MD, M)€12.50
King Prawn Madras (MD, M, CN)€12.95
Vegetable Madras (MD, M)€9.50
Chicken Vindaloo (M)€11.50
Lamb Vindaloo (M)€12.50
Beef Vindaloo (M)€12.50
King Prawn Vindaloo (M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Vindaloo (M)€9.50
Chicken Saagwala (M)€11.50
Lamb Saagwala (M)€12.50
Beef Saagwala (M)€12.50
King Prawn Saagwala (M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Saagwala€9.50
Chicken Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€12.50
Lamb Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€12.50
Beef Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€12.50
King Prawn Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Jalfrezzi (MD,M,CY)€9.50
Balti Chicken Pasanda (N,M)€11.50
Balti Lamb Pasanda (N,M)€12.50
Balti Beef Pasanda (N,M)€12.50
Balti King Prawn Pasanda (N,M,CN)€12.95
Balti Vegetable Pasanda (N,M)€9.50
Chicken Dopiaza (M)€11.50
Lamb Dopiaza (M)€12.50
Beef Dopiaza (M)€12.50
King Prawn Dopiaza (M,CN)€12.50
Vegetable Dopiaza (M)€9.50
Chicken Biryani (N,M)€11.50
Lamb Biryani (N,M)€12.50
Beef Biryani (N,M)€12.50
King Prawn Biryani (N,M,CN)€12.95
Vegetable Biryani (N,M)€9.50

Takeaway Breads, Rice & Sundries

Basmati Rice€2.50
Brown Rice€2.75
Poppodom (M)€1.00
Naan Bread (G,M,E)€2.50
Garlic Naan Bread (G,M,E)€3.25
Kashmiri Naan Bread (G,M,E,N)€3.25
Chappati Bread (G,M)€3.25
Aloo Gobhi (Indian spiced potato & cauliflower)€4.95
Aloo Saag (Indian spiced potato & spinach)€4.95
Dhal (Indian spiced lentils)€4.95
French Fries€2.75
Tossed Mixed Salad (M)€3.75
Coke | Orange | 7-Up | Diet Coke | Diet 7-Up€1.50