Takeaway Menu

Takeaway Special

Meal for 225.00


Chicken Tikka6.50

Onion Bhajis5.50

Aloo Bonda5.50

Vegetable Samosas5.50

Beef Kebab6.50

Chicken Tikka Wings6.50

Chilli Fried Squid7.00


Chicken Tikka Masala11.95

Goan Fish Curry12.95

South Indian Chilli and Garlic Chicken11.50

King Prawn Mango Curry12.95

Traditional South Indian Curries

Chicken Curry11.95

Lamb Curry12.50

Beef Curry12.50

King Prawn Curry12.95

Vegetable Curry9.95

Korma Dishes

Chicken Korma11.95

Lamb Korma12.50

Beef Korma12.50

King Prawn Korma12.95

Vegetable Korma9.95

Rogan Josh Dishes

Chicken Rogan Josh11.95

Lamb Rogan Josh12.50

Beef Rogan Josh12.50

King Prawn Rogan Josh12.95

Vegetable Rogan Josh9.95

Bhuna Dishes

Chicken Bhuna11.95

Lamb Bhuna12.50

King Prawn Bhuna12.95

Madras Dishes

Chicken Madras11.95

Lamb Madras12.50

Beef Madras12.50

King Prawn Madras12.95

Vegetable Madras9.95

Vindaloo Dishes

Chicken Vindaloo11.95

Lamb Vindaloo12.50

Beef Vindaloo12.50

King Prawn Vindaloo12.95

Vegetable Vindaloo9.95

Jalfrezzi Dishes

Chicken Jalfrezzi11.95

Lamb Jalfrezzi12.50

Beef Jalfrezzi12.50

King Prawn Jalfrezzi12.95

Vegetable Jalfrezzi9.95

Biryani Dishes

Chicken Biryani11.95

Lamb Biryani12.50

King Prawn Biryani12.95

Vegetable Biryani9.95

Bread, Rice & Sundries

Basmati Rice2.50

Brown Rice2.75

Pilau Rice2.75



Naan Bread2.50

Cheese Naan Bread3.25

Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread3.25

Peshwari Naan Bread3.25

Garlic Naan Bread3.25

Chappathi Bread3.25

Aloo Gobhi (Indian Spiced Potato & Cauliflower)5.50

Aloo Saag (Indian Spiced Potato & Spinach)5.50

Dhal (Indian Spiced Lentils)5.50

French Fries2.75

Coke l Orange l 7-Up1.50

European Dishes

Battered Cod, French Fries & Mushy Peas9.95

Breaded Chicken Goujons, Chilli Dip, French Fries & Salad9.95

All Main Course Dishes, except Biryani Dishes are served with choice of Basmati Rice, Plain Naan Bread or French Fries. Pilau Rice €1.00 extra

Depending on the specific dish, some allergic ingredients can be omitted.
Gluten and Dairy Free Dishes Available.



Peanuts – PN
Tree Nuts – N
Sesame – SE
Wheat/Gluten – G
Lupin (type of seed flower) – LP
Eggs – E
Milk – M
Soya – S
Fish – F
Crustaceans (crab, lobster, shrimp) – CN
Molluscs (oysters, mussels, scallops) – MC
Celery – CY
Mustard – MD
Sulphites (preservative) – Not Used